3 Ways Growing Distributors Negotiate Price Increases

Webinar Recording:

In part two of our pricing series, we will be discussing how distributors negotiate price increases smarter and manage margin leakage.

As the supply chain disruption continues, increasing cost pressures eat into distributors’ profits.  We have explored how analytics can help you hold your suppliers accountable, have more impactful conversations, and negotiate better deals in 2022.

Additionally, it is critical that you identify the sources of margin leaks. This includes under optimized pricing, discounting, increased shipping charges, and the like. If you want to transition from a reactive position to a proactive, agile company, you will want to watch this webinar.

Presenters: Brian Friedle and John Gunderson
Theme: Negotiating Price Increases and Managing Margin Leakage

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Brian Friedle Profile Image
Brian Friedle VP Business Development, White Cup
John Gunderson profile image
John Gunderson Vice President, epaCUBE

Webinar Outline

  • Set the right price for maximum profit margin
  • Optimize vendor discounts and rebates
  • Manage margin leakage