5 Steps to a Million Dollars

Driving Revenue with White Cup Pricing


What if you could add a million dollars in revenue this year to your top line? This is what White Cup Pricing delivers to help you improve your pricing. Top distributors are using White Cup Pricing and are rewarded with millions of dollars in added revenue and profit every year.

In this webinar, White Cup’s Senior Customer Account Manager, John Podrebarac, walks you through 5 critical steps that White Cup Pricing uses to deliver an average of 10x ROI for our customers. Watch now to get on the path to your first million dollars in added revenue with White Cup Pricing.

Presenters: John PodrebaracDonny Novak, and George Dunham
Theme: Up Close and Personal with White Cup Pricing

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John Podrebarac Profile
John Podrebarac Senior Customer Account Manager, White Cup
Donny Novak Profile
Donny Novak Director of Customer Success, epaCube
George Dunham Profile
George Dunham Chairman of the Board & CEO, epaCube

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