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How One Print Dealer Grew from Single Service Brand to Technology Brand with White Cup’s Sherpa CRM

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Embracing Digital Transformation

Pontrelli Marketing

Pontrelli Marketing focuses on strategic growth initiatives, designed as a Virtual Marketing Officer (VMO). They offer marketing and strategy consulting services to build a sustainable marketing foundation, methodology, and dealership process.

As an industry expert, Dominic Pontrelli, President of Pontrelli Marketing recommended White Cup’s Sherpa CRM to enable James Imaging Systems’ expansion in becoming the second-largest independent dealer in the Wisconsin market.

James Imaging Systems

James Imaging Systems (JIS) provides document imaging and printing services in Wisconsin. After acquiring a printer service company, JIS struggled to integrate the new company into their existing sales team’s processes. They effectively acted as independent entities, and JIS remained recognized solely as a copier provider.

The Goal

Leverage the capabilities of the printer service company to expand offerings to the extant customer base, enhance brand recognition as printer services and technology provider, and accelerate sales and revenue.

Starting in 2015, Pontrelli Marketing began offering data marketing services to better understand and manage customer databases to market accordingly. Pulling data from a dealer’s data ecosystem (traditionally, ERP, MPS, Accounting, and Marketing automation services), their objective was to extract the most crucial customer components and organize them to best use that information to execute on their marketing foundation process.

For James Imaging Systems, Pontrelli started with building a strategy around converting JIS from a copier brand to a services brand and ultimately to a technology brand using Sherpa CRM. They mined the data, capturing current customers’ activity. This allowed them to segment their customer list into vertical and horizontal markets.

They then stack ranked them by the initiative to see where they were already successful to continue that positive trajectory. The findings also revealed where they were less successful and needed more effective targeting. Sherpa CRM was the essential tool in guiding all their campaigns. Leveraging customer information and sales insights improved the business processes, from marketing to sales to support.

James Imaging Systems is just one of many companies using Sherpa CRM that have benefitted from the ease of marketing integration. CRM and marketing automation helps your business focus on creating better customer and prospect experiences.

White Cup’s office technology software, Sherpa CRM, empowers providers with intelligent information that drives growth, increases profitability, differentiates their business, and engages their employees. It utilizes YOUR customer data to uncover new sales and marketing opportunities so you can connect with the right audience and increase your revenue. We help you elevate your ERP data into insights for intelligent decision-making through easy access to sales information, improved visibility into sales and order processes, and insight into customer relationships.

Do you want to increase your revenue and get your sales reps using CRM?  It’s possible with Sherpa CRM. Learn how you can adopt these same tactics for your company.


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