RevUp 2022 User Conference

Office Technology Industry

RevUp is White Cup’s annual user conference — this year it was free and virtual to all customers, with dedicated tracks for our distributor and office technology customers. Learn from industry experts and thought leaders and unlock even more value out of your CRM, BI, and Pricing products. The White Cup product management team discussed our Revenue Intelligence platform – from our product vision to our roadmap.

Office technology recordings can be found below.

Revup 2022 White Cup User Conference
RevUp2022: Keynote - Winning with Revenue Intelligence webinar

Session 1 – Keynote: Winning with Revenue Intelligence

Doug Smith – VP of Product Management, White Cup
Kristen Thom – VP of Customer Success, White Cup

In this kickoff session for Office Technology dealers, we’ll discuss the White Cup Revenue Intelligence platform and how it drives revenue, improves profit, and creates a more competitive selling position. Additionally, we’ll talk about measuring KPIs that matter, finding new opportunities with existing customers, and how we’re adding value with new integrations and partnerships.

RevUp 2022: White Cup product roadmap for office technology dealers webinar

Session 2 – White Cup Product Roadmap for Office Technology Dealers

Doug Smith – VP of Product Management, White Cup
Kristen Thom – VP of Customer Success, White Cup

This session details the White Cup Office Technology product development roadmap for 2022-2023. You’ll see how our products are being developed and enhanced in tandem and support our mission to help office tech dealers make the most of their Sherpa CRM and MITS BI investments.

RevUp 2022: How to Use Revenue Intelligence to Navigate Supply Chain Chaos webinar

Session 3 – How to Use Revenue Intelligence to Navigate Supply Chain Chaos

Speaker: Kat Booth – Managed Services Manager, White Cup

In this session, Kat Booth, head of White Cup’s managed services for Office Technology, will discuss the current supply chain disruptions and provide tactical solutions to navigate these changes successfully. She’ll explain how the Managed Services team can help make the most of your Sherpa CRM investment during these turbulent times so you can focus on driving revenue and servicing your customers.

RevUp 2022: Driving Revenue with Business Intelligence webinar

Session 4 – Driving Revenue with Business Intelligence

Speaker: Dustin Hall – Senior Customer Account Manager, White Cup

Join Senior Customer Account Manager Dustin Hall for this session on how business intelligence can drive revenue for your Office Technology dealership. He’ll explain how MITS BI benefits individual sales reps, sales managers, and the company’s overall bottom line with specific dashboards and action plans. This session is excellent for anyone involved in the sales process.

RevUp 2022: The Most Important Things You've Forgotten About Sherpa CRM webinar

Session 5 – The Most Important Things You’ve Forgotten About Sherpa CRM

Speaker: Kristen Thom – VP of Customer Success, White Cup

Join us for this session as we uncover hidden gems in Sherpa. This class is loaded with tips and tricks you can use immediately to get the maximum value from your Sherpa investment.

RevUp 2022: Growing Sales Pipeline with Email Marketing webinar

Session 6 – Growing Sales Pipeline with Email Marketing

Speaker: Dominic Pontrelli – President, Pontrelli Marketing

Join industry marketing veteran Dominic Pontrelli, of Pontrelli Marketing, as he explains strategies to grow your sales pipeline with CRM marketing. Some critical aspects of successful CRM marketing he’ll cover, include learning how to utilize customer data to target specific audiences, how to use Sherpa account record components to fine-tune messaging, as well as key KPIs to track campaign effectiveness.