White Cup’s Revenue Intelligence Platform

Take on your biggest business challenges with our Revenue Intelligence solutions. Designed specifically for distributors, we help you drive revenue, empower your sales team and make it easier to meet the demands of your customers.

Revenue Intelligence Platform Feature Sheet

White Cup Revenue Intelligence Platform

Revenue Intelligence, Driving Distribution Forward

Revenue Intelligence is the competitive edge distributors have when their data, analytics, and workflows are all laser-focused on driving revenue. The integrated platform makes all aspects of growing revenue easier for your entire team.  

  • Understand customers and prospects better 
  • Keep deals moving forward with automated sales and marketing workflows 
  • Identify and act on trends to grow existing customers 
  • Create pricing strategies that minimize overrides and maximize profit 

When your CRM, BI, and Pricing software are integrated, sharing information across teams improves the selling process. Removing obstacles, such as data living in multiple places, clears the way for teams to focus on selling and positive customer experiences. 

Revenue Intelligence is the path to success for distributors.

White Cup is leading the way.

Created for distribution

Each solution in White Cup’s Revenue Intelligence platform is designed specifically for distributors. Stop trying to make do with software that must be’s adapted to fit your needs. Start with the solutions that are created to drive revenue for distributors from day one.

Collaborate for the win

Sharing information across teams is easier with our Revenue Intelligence solution. It provides a holistic, transparent view of the business landscape that allows each team to know which KPIs they’re responsible for and how those KPIs influence sales. Access customer and prospect data anytime, anywhere to accelerate sales cycles.

Connected for confidence

Each component of White Cup’s Revenue Intelligence platform connects to your ERP system, creating a secure single source of truth, so distributors can trust they are working with accurate data from the start.
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See How Revenue Intelligence Can Work For You

Curious to see what Revenue Intelligence looks like in action?

Check out our webinar, “Three Ways Distributors Use Data to Drive Revenue” to learn more.


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