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6 Key Features of White Cup CRM for Distributors

If you’re a distributor looking for your first or a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to add to your tech stack, you have likely come across a plethora of options with laundry lists of different features and quirks. Wherever you are in your CRM buying journey, there are a handful of key features that you should keep in mind when shopping around for the right tool.

At White Cup, we have previously written a CRM buyers guide for distribution. In that guide, we cover what is a CRM and why you need one, what the right questions are to ask during your search, and what to do once you conclude that you need a CRM. However, we want to focus on the key features that should be included in any distributor-specific CRM solution under consideration. All of these key features are conveniently available in White Cup CRM, our comprehensive CRM designed specifically for the unique needs and challenges of distributors.

So, here are the 6 key features of White Cup CRM for distributors.

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A common distributor pain point is losing money due to drawn-out sales cycles and disjointed sell prices not keeping pace with manufacturer cost increases. If you’re feeling this, your sales reps are likely not using your existing CRM because it’s too complex. Or maybe, at best, your quoting is behind because your CRM needs to be updated separately from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), meaning you need to enter quoting data twice.

In White Cup CRM, quoting is built to get accurate sales quotes in front of decision-makers quickly. That means that you can close deals 75% faster and empower your sales reps to get moving on more sales with less busy work.


Speaking of lengthy sales cycles, something that can further hinder forward movement is wasting time jumping around your CRM looking for the tools that matter to you and your role. Worse, without account insights readily available to you, you spend even more time digging around for analysis of your data.

Get used to having role-based, configurable dashboards that put your most vital insights front and center in White Cup CRM.

Dynamic Lists

If you’re not acquiring new accounts to make up for customer churn, it’s time to reevaluate your outreach efforts. You should have targeted messaging going out to targeted accounts so that you can personalize the customer experience as much as possible. These days, it’s not enough to only offer a decent, generic relationship with your customers. Failing to tailor your interactions will cost you accounts down the line.

Use White Cup CRM to create dynamic lists. They’re a snap to create based on specific criteria you set. Do you want to email customers who haven’t heard from you in two months? Built a dynamic list for that in just a few clicks. Want to advertise a new product to customers that have bought similar items in the past? Make a dynamic list for that and set up a marketing workflow with minimal effort.

Marketing Workflows

You should never feel like you aren’t doing enough to market your distributorship to potential customers. A strong CRM should make it nearly effortless to empower sales reps, managers, sales ops, and marketing people to create effective outreach campaigns that drive revenue.

With our technology, target new accounts (using your dynamic lists!) with automated marketing emails, improving email performance by over 300%. All it takes is a few clicks to get your message in front of a tailored audience.

Real-Time New Lead Notifications

Never get caught having a lead fall through your fingertips because you (or someone on your team) were too slow getting in their ear. Your sales team should be consistently receiving marketing leads both efficiently and timely so they can be converted quickly.

White Cup CRM provides real-time new lead notifications so that you can call leads within 5 minutes and convert them to customers 8x more often. With our CRM, you won’t miss out on revenue opportunities.

Centralized Database

Perhaps the most critical benefit of White Cup CRM for distributors is that it provides a centralized database in which all of your customer information is stored. No matter whether your sales team is suffering from turnover or there’s simply no historical record of sales activities per account, a centralized database keeps everything neat, tidy, and accessible anytime on any device. Not to mention it’s integrated with the industry’s best ERP systems.

With White Cup CRM, you keep 100% of your account records when a sales rep leaves, so your customer relationships don’t leave with your sales reps. Keep your interactions personalized and documented no matter who’s talking to the customer.

For years, distributors have tried to make do with CRMs designed for any industry, shoe-horning their specific needs into generic solutions. The result: overwhelming software and frustrated users. Enter White Cup CRM. Finally, a comprehensive CRM designed specifically for distributors’ unique needs and challenges in a format that is easy to use and laser-focused on helping distributors drive revenue.

Already a White Cup BI user? Consider adding White Cup CRM to take advantage of these benefits!

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