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Top 3 Benefits of Distributor Software with ERP Integration

For years, the idea of “digital transformation” has floated around the distribution industry. As more and more businesses have “transformed,” the industry’s landscape has become ever more fast-paced and ultra-competitive. This has brought an immediate need to integrate whatever technology can provide a competitive advantage. Even with all of the technology solutions out there, if they can’t communicate with each other or, most importantly, with your Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), they’re not of much use at all. ERP integration is a must for distributor software.

Here are the top three reasons why.

1. Replicability of Revenue

When an action you take makes you revenue, your goal should be to understand why and then figure out how to do it again. When your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) has ERP integration, you will see WHAT happens at your business transactionally as well as WHY it happened through customer activities. Correlating efforts with outcomes is how you’ll synthesize the recipe for revenue.

2. Stop Losing Customers to the Competition

White Cup’s Vice President of Business Development, Brian Friedle, often shares from his experience that distributors lose an average of 10% of their customers every year. And while customers leave for all kinds of reasons, there are clear ways to minimize customer churn, and it begins with identifying downward trends with your customers and taking action before things get too bad.

While your ERP holds the data that you’re looking for to take proactive steps to prevent churn, analysis and reporting on that data is time-consuming and difficult without a business intelligence tool (BI). However, with a BI tool that has ERP integration, what used to take hours can be done in seconds. That means less time fumbling over data and less time for your customers to talk to your competitors. Simply put, you keep more of your customers with BI.

3. End Unprofitable Sales

There is nothing more disheartening than seeing that you’re making lots of sales but not growing your revenue. What that indicates is that your pricing strategy is slowly (or quickly) killing your margins and your profitability.

Unlike supply chain disruption, inflation, and competitors, pricing is fully in your control. Knowing when and how to adjust your prices is the difference between a successful distributor and everyone else. A pricing tool like White Cup Pricing with ERP integration allows you to prioritize your profits and uncover opportunities to drive more revenue growth.

ERP Integrated Distributor Technology

Before digital transformation, gathering information on your go-to-market activities was painstakingly slow and difficult to scale. But integrated distributor technology has changed that. Distributor software with ERP integration now allows you to take vast amounts of data and put it to productive use.

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