Why Should Distributors Care About Revenue Intelligence

Why Should Distributors Care About Revenue Intelligence?

The world of distribution is in a continual state of change and at times uncertainty. As many distributors search for creative ways to increase revenue and develop a stronger customer base, others look to the data hidden in their business software through revenue intelligence tools. Why should ALL distributors care about revenue intelligence?

Revenue intelligence platforms help companies drive revenue growth by connecting all parts of the business that directly increase revenue. Revenue intelligence identifies measurable KPIs tied to goals from across the company. The data is provided with a holistic, transparent view of creating value. Each team knows which KPIs they’re responsible for and how those KPIs influence sales.

Despite the challenges in our industry, it is essential that distributors have an eyes wide open approach to a path that creates sustainable growth. Accessing and embracing data-driven insights differentiates a distributor from the competition. White Cup’s Revenue Intelligence platforms enable companies to make sense of their data to make business decisions that lead to growth.

White Cup Revenue Intelligence Platform

What is revenue intelligence?

Revenue Intelligence is the competitive edge distributors have when their data, analytics, and workflows are all laser-focused on driving revenue. The integrated platform makes revenue growth easier for your entire team.  

  • Understand customers and prospects better 
  • Keep deals moving forward with automated sales and marketing workflows 
  • Identify and act on trends to grow existing customers 
  • Create pricing strategies that minimize overrides and maximize profit 

When your CRM, BI, and Pricing software are integrated, sharing information across teams improves the selling process, which, in turn, helps grow revenue. Removing obstacles, such as data living in multiple places or formats, clears the way for teams to focus on selling and positive customer experiences. 


Benefits of Revenue Intelligence Software

Gain a holistic view of your business by having data from multiple systems in one place. Centralizing your data allows for one source of truth for reporting, decision making and increasing your return on investment (ROI).

An Engine for Driving Revenue: Revenue Intelligence helps distributors increase revenue and improve their revenue performance.

All-in-One/Connected /Easy-to-Use: Connecting CRMBI, and Pricing modules to one another and to your ERP solution provide all-encompassing visibility with built-in automation and workflows for easier selling.

Designed for Distributors: Revenue Intelligence explicitly designed for distributors focuses on sales functions, analytics, and reporting that matters. Users gain a competitive advantage at every revenue touchpoint throughout the entire customer lifecycle – from prospecting to closing deals to retaining customers and upselling along the way.

Revenue Intelligence for Distributors

Distributors care about revenue intelligence because it gives them the upper hand at every revenue touchpoint. They can sell more to existing customers, close more new business, control discounting and be confident in pricing. When every dollar matters, be equipped to capitalize on every opportunity to drive revenue and maximize profit.

Our Revenue Intelligence software integrates data from your ERP, CRM, and Business Intelligence tools into one platform. It is our commitment to partner with the distribution industry to move past the challenges with solutions that are easy to navigate and proven to work. Distributors can count on White Cup’s revenue intelligence platform to grow their business.

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