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Leave Gut Feelings Out of Your Business

Price Optimization leads to deeper profits. That’s a fact. Proven repeatedly by distributors, White Cup Pricing pays for itself within a few months and continues driving revenue and profits long-term. What’s your expected ROI?

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White Cup Pricing Software for wholesale distribution

Drive Profit Exponentially with White Cup Pricing

White Cup Pricing gives you the tools and methodology to drive value through consistent profitable growth. With White Cup Pricing, complex customer and product segmentation and pricing analysis that used to take weeks now take minutes.

White Cup Pricing

Segmentation Creates a Foundation for Success

Customer and product segmentation is the foundation for intelligent pricing practices.

  • Group customers by buying habits, profitability, and cost to serve, not just by size, to discover new opportunities to make price adjustments.
  • Easily view the big picture of segment performance or drill down into customer and product data.
  • Quickly generate “what if” scenarios to model potential outcomes before committing to overall segment changes.
White Cup Pricing

Replace Gut-Instinct Pricing with Data-Driven Decisions

White Cup Pricing eliminates the guesswork in both price setting and overrides.

  • Create statistical pricing for floor, ceiling, and mean targets
  • Identify and prioritize gross profit opportunities by customer and product groups
  • Set sales cross-sell action plans by analyzing the intersection of customer segment buying data and product groups
  • Cross-sell to your customers through buying and product analysis
White Cup Pricing in BI business intelligence

Minimize Overrides with White Cup Pricing + BI

Gain greater control over your pricing strategy and reduce pricing concessions. A one percent price improvement translates into a 10% operating profit. That represents a 4X increase in profitability compared to a one percent increase in sales volume.

  • Improve margin and make pricing override decisions backed by data
  • Coach your sales team to offer the customer the right price at the right time.
  • Quickly demonstrate where pricing change recommendations are picking up profit week-over-week right from the start.
  • Flexibility to grant overrides when reasonable, easily reviewable on a case-by-case basis
white cup pricing performance dashboard

White Cup Pricing, Powered by epaCUBE: Driving Adoption for More Dollars from Day One

Our onboarding program empowers your team to become pricing experts and confident users of White Cup Pricing within a few months. Distributors that use White Cup Pricing see an average of 10x ROI.

  • Comprehensive guidance yields early buy-in with proven, best practice rollout plans.
  • Customized training with high-impact/low-risk changes spur adoption and excitement from quick wins.
  • Weekly pricing performance reviews and customer success dashboards provide precise results.
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White Cup ROI Calculator

Achieve a proven 10x ROI with White Cup Pricing Software. Use our ROI Calculator to see how by entering your own data!

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Distributors Trust White Cup

Customer Story: HVAC and Plumbing Distributor

A North American HVAC and Plumbing Distributor standardized their pricing methods across the organization with White Cup Pricing, powered by epaCUBE. The result was a 40X ROI after implementation and an immediate impact on margins, gross profit and overall efficiency.


“White Cup Pricing provided us with data that highlighted where we had been charging too much or not enough based on our new matrices and created an accurate global price matrix that we really needed.“

– Corporate Pricing Manager

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HVAC and Plumbing Distributor Customer Story

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