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For more than two decades, White Cup has been developing distribution industry software solutions that help drive revenue. Our mission is to understand your business needs top to bottom and deliver solutions that answer the industry’s biggest challenges, from increasing competition to a turbulent market and everything in between.

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Grow revenue and improve profits with Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence is White Cup’s distribution-focused, integrated platform that makes it easier for distributors to drive revenue while increasing profits. Our customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), and pricing optimization tools are a powerful combination of data, analytics, and workflows. Together, they are laser-focused on driving top and bottom-line revenue improvements for distributors.

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Relentlessly drive revenue with a CRM built for distributors

White Cup CRM provides everything distributors need to crush sales goals. With sales and marketing automation to quoting and document signing, White Cup CRM makes winning easier – from first touch to done deal.

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Discover revenue opportunities with the right business intelligence

White Cup BI is the go-to business intelligence solution for distributors that easily transforms your customer data into dashboards and reports that uncover customer insights, buyer trends, and visibility into your sales and business processes.

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Eliminate “gut-instinct” pricing for good

White Cup Pricing provides a straightforward path to revenue improvement with data-driven analysis of complex pricing and segmentation data. The outcome is greater control over pricing strategies, improved margins, decreased discounts, and, on average, a 10X ROI in the first year of using White Cup Pricing.

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Email marketing is easier than you think

Marketing to new and existing customers can be a daunting task for distributors. White Cup CRM makes it easy to create and track email campaigns with just a few clicks. We’ve outlined the steps you can take today to get started on your path to success. 

ERP Integrations

Get a 360° view of your customer by integrating our CRM, BI, and pricing software with your ERP, marketing automation platform, and more. White Cup distribution industry software integrates with other technology platforms, so sales reps can easily access the data they need to win in real-time.

Take the Easy Path

With our industry-specific CRM, BI, and pricing tools, making smart decisions from your data has never been easier.
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