White Cup Partners with Predictive InSight for EKM Global US Expansion

White Cup Partners with Predictive InSight for EKM Global US Expansion

White Cup partners with Predictive InSight to bring data analysis software EKM Global to the United States office technology market. The new integration uncovers actionable insights from office technology dealers to drive revenue and improve customer offerings.

SEATTLE – January 26, 2022White Cup today announced the integration of its Sherpa CRM product with EKM Global, a UK-based software being sold in the United States by Predictive InSight, an innovative data mining and predictive analytics partner serving the office technology industry.

Under the partnership with Predictive InSight, the integration between White Cup’s Sherpa CRM and EKM’s data collection tools create a powerful one-two punch of additional business intelligence (BI) that was largely unavailable to the print services industry. Sherpa CRM excels at managing the sales process, from quoting, ordering, and communications, while EKM drives BI offering dealers data-based insights for smart decision making.

New Integration Transforms Existing Data Into Better Margins

“Being able to offer EKM with an integration to White Cup’s Sherpa CRM is a new way for dealers to easily report on analytics that can streamline print operations that save time and money,” said Ed McLaughlin, co-founder of Predictive InSight. “This type of partnership was part of the inspiration for starting Predictive InSight. There’s always room to innovate.”

Unique to EKM is the software’s ability to read page coverage, improving usage and maintenance forecasts 90-days out. Additionally, the data collection tool is designed to only collect data when necessary, reducing machine workload and potential service interruptions. These features, along with a host of other benefits will provide dealers with a higher degree of accuracy when reviewing Total Cost of Ownership (TOC). Now that information will be available in Sherpa CRM for dealers to present to customers.

“We’re excited to have Predictive InSight as our partner with the EKM integration,” said Brian Friedle, Vice President of Business Development at White Cup. “White Cup is focused on improving our customers’ revenue intelligence with our products and partners. With the ultra-competitive office tech industry, we now have another way to give to win business, increase margins and grow revenue with every sale.”

About White Cup

White Cup makes it easier for businesses to use their data to make better decisions toward profitable growth. Our Revenue Intelligence platform gives customers easy access to information and tools that drive revenue growth, increase profitability and differentiate their business. With decades of industry experience, White Cup is trusted by over 1,000 customers. To learn more, visit whitecupsolutions.com.

About Predictive Insight

Founded in 2020 by two print industry veterans, Predictive Insight has quickly become a trusted provider of managed print and IT services for the office technology industry. Predictive InSight uses the most reliable data mining sources to provide advanced business intelligence that drives fact-based business decision-making processes. To learn more, visit predictive-insight.com.

About EKM Global

Formed in 2000, EKM Global is the world’s leading managed print service software supplier with over 20 years of experience in delivering dramatic performance improvement for companies, enterprises, managed service providers, manufacturers, resellers, and wholesalers. EKM Global is committed to helping its customers optimize print resources and operations and lock the gains in through advanced service delivery automation software. As a result, EKM Global customers save money, improve efficiency and effectiveness, and minimize wasted staff time, increasing productivity and their bottom line. To learn more, visit ekmglobal.com.