Successful Sales Enablement in a Shifting Sales Landscape

Enabling A New Digital Foundation


Today, customers engage via a broad array of sales channels and modalities at different stages of the buying journey. These include face-to-face, video conferencing, online chat, or online marketplace interactions. As a result, sales enablement has expanded well beyond a list of talking points for your product.

Nowadays, buyers are more willing than ever before to spend big through remote or online sales channels. And, for the first time, the research shows that we have reached a critical inflection point, where B2B sellers are now more likely to offer eCommerce channels than in-person selling.

Savvy distributors will seize the opportunity to disrupt their sales processes and sales enablement to stay relevant and engage with customers throughout the new sales realm that spans digital and human-assisted sales efforts.

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Successful Sales Enablement in a Shifting Sales Landscape