RevUp User Conference

Distribution Industry

RevUp is White Cup’s user conference —  with dedicated tracks for our distributor and office technology customers. Learn from industry experts and thought leaders and unlock even more value out of your CRM, BI, and Pricing products. The White Cup product management team discussed our Revenue Intelligence platform – from our product vision to our roadmap.

Distribution recordings can be found below.


Day 1: Session 1 – Keynote: How Technology is Shaping the State of the Distribution Industry

Tom Gale – Chief Executive Officer, Modern Distribution Management

How is technology changing the distribution industry? How can technology be harnessed to increase efficiencies, reduce cost, close the competitive advantage gap, and transform end-to-end processes? Join us as we explore these topics during our keynote session with Tom Gale from MDM.


Day 1: Session 2 – Forecasting with Confidence for Distributors

Gouri TamanProduct Manager, White Cup Solutions
Sahiz Kaur – Product Marketing Manager, White Cup Solutions

Join this session with Gouri Taman and Sahiz Kaur as they cover what effective forecasting entails for distributors, the impact of inaccurate forecasting, and how you can leverage White Cup to do more with your BI.


Day 1: Session 3 – Common CRM Adoption Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them

Beth TolandDirector of Professional Services, White Cup Solutions

Is CRM adoption lagging at your company? What forces are at play? Why do sales teams resist, even though they say they’re on board? And what more can we as CRM leaders do about it?

Join this session where Beth Toland will cover why CRM is not widely adopted yet, the adoption rates & why people resist, and actionable steps to improve CRM adoption from the ground up.

Day 1: Session 4 – White Cup Support Portal: Customer Service at your Fingertips

Ben Bauks – Director of Support Services, White Cup Solutions

Are you taking advantage of the White Cup Support Portal? Ben Bauks will show you how to save time, be more productive, and get help faster with our Support Portal. And you’ll get a sneak peek into what’s coming later this year from the White Cup Customer Support team.


Day 1: Session 5 – How to Get the Most out of White Cup BI

Gouri TamanProduct Manager, White Cup Solutions
Sahiz Kaur – Product Marketing Manager, White Cup Solutions

Whether you have been using White Cup BI for a while or are just starting out, this session is for you! Gouri Taman and Sahiz Kaur will cover easy ways to build valuable dashboards that help you drive profits in your distribution business.


Day 1: Session 6 – Determine When Cloud Migration is the Right Move for You

Kristen Thom – Vice President of Product, White Cup Solutions
Brian Davis
Customer Account Manager, White Cup Solutions

White Cup BI is faster and more secure than ever. Kristen Thom and Brian Davis will cover what you gain by migrating White Cup BI to the cloud and when it makes sense for you to take this path. 


Day 1: Session 7 – Overcoming Economic Uncertainty and Maximize your ROI with White Cup Pricing

John PodrebaracSenior Customer Account Manager, White Cup Solutions

As the economic uncertainty keeps building, it is more important now than ever to be strategic and thoughtful of your pricing model. In this session, John Podrebarac takes you through robust strategies to help you price right for your customer and attain sustained return over time.

Day 1: Session 8 – Step by Step Guide to Building Marketing and Sales Funnels for Your Business

Kristen ThomVice President of Product, White Cup Solutions
Susan MerloFounder of Next Level iMedia and Author of “The Digital Distributor”

A marketing and/or sales funnel is simply a series of sales tools that lead your customers through your sales process. In this session, Susan Merlo and Kristen Thom will cover how to create a marketing and sales funnel for your own products or services within White Cup CRM.


Day 2: Session 1 – Panel: Getting Ahead with a Joint People and Data Strategy

Ian Heller – Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Distribution Strategy Group
Holly Horner – Director, Information Systems with Central Turf & Irrigation Supply
Matthew Geleske – Director of Customer Experience, TubeliteDenco
Todd Taverner – VP Purchasing & Inventory, EB Horseman & Son

Join us for an engaging panel session where thought leader Ian Heller, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Distribution Strategy Group, and White Cup customer speakers come together to discuss how to build a value-oriented culture that is simultaneously goal and data driven.


Day 2: Session 2 – The REAL Impact of 1% Change on Costs, Cuts, and Competition

John PodrebaracSenior Customer Account Manager, White Cup Solutions

What if you could add just 1% to your bottom line in the next year? In this session, John Podrebarac will dig into the details of how make sure you don’t leave money on the table with existing customers, new opportunities and pricing strategies.


Day 2: Session 3 – Watch and Learn: How to Build Exciting New Custom Cubes with White Cup BI

George Lanning – Business Consultant, White Cup Solutions

Don’t miss this session where George Lanning will build custom cubes using new White Cup BI features. Learn how to build cubes on sales goals, budgets and more.


Day 2: Session 4 – How Customer Stratification Can Protect Your Business in an Uncertain Economy

John PodrebaracSenior Customer Account Manager, White Cup Solutions

Join John Podrebarac as he covers the four main steps of implementing customer stratification – where you start, what and how to segment, how to analyze your data, and how to implement it.

Day 2: Session 5 – How to Close More Business with an Integrated ERP and CRM

Miles Koch – Project Leader, White Cup Solutions

Miles Koch takes you through the advantage of integrated ERP and CRM systems. Join this session to learn how you can go beyond standard ERP functionality and leverage sales automation and tools to close more business with comparatively less effort.


Day 2: Session 6 – A Day in the Life of a Sales Rep Using White Cup’s Integrated Platform: The Power of CRM, BI and Pricing Combined

Steve Hesson – Regional Sales Manager, White Cup Solutions

Help your sales reps close more deals and provide personalized customer experiences from the beginning to the end of sales cycles. Turn your account managers from CRM data entry specialists to highly knowledgeable and trained sales professionals, with the power of distribution-specific CRM, BI and Pricing software.


Day 2: Session 7 – How to Drive Automation and Improve Efficiency with White Cup CRM

Helen Piña – Vice President of Marketing, White Cup Solutions
Kristen Thom – Vice President of Product, White Cup Solutions

This session will show you how to empower your team with a simple, yet powerful solution. Join Kristen Thom and Helen Piña as they demonstrate how to create automated workflows to nurture your prospects, build more efficient sales processes, set up campaigns, and more to help you drive revenue better than ever before.


Day 2: Session 8 – Deciding between TDF and White Cup CRM for your Distribution Model

Kristen Thom – Vice President of Product, White Cup Solutions
Dustin Hall – Senior Customer Account Manager, White Cup Solutions

White Cup offers two strong CRM solutions to suit different distributor operating models. Join us for this session where we talk about both TDF and White Cup CRM to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

Day 2: Session 9 – How to Use TDF CRM’s Latest Features: Customizing TDF to Your Business Processes

Joe VanCalster – Director, White Cup Solutions

You will want to attend this session to expand your knowledge on making the most of your TDF investment. We’ll show to set your sales team up for success using the Lead Management module including how to make customizations that fit your unique business needs.

Day 2: Session 10 – Managed Services to Save You Time & Money

Kat Booth – Director of Managed Services, White Cup Solutions

In this session, Kat Booth will cover how you can leverage Which Cup Managed Services for specialized support designed to drive your business goals, tackle specific challenges, and ensure the highest ROI.