Salesperson Using White Cup Revenue Intelligence Software

A Day in the Life of a Salesperson Using White Cup Revenue Intelligence Software

Using any solution, Revenue Intelligence software or otherwise should help grow your business, encourage sales, and make your job more effective. A strong revenue intelligence platform for a salesperson makes selling easier and helps you sell more. Additionally, it equips you with knowledge otherwise inaccessible without laborious manual analysis.

Whether you’ve been selling for 5, 10, or even 20 years, software must have come to your attention that you’ve been asked (or told) to use. Maybe that software was CRM, and perhaps it created more pain than happiness for you as a sales rep. Hopefully, looking back, you realize that maybe your or your team wasn’t using CRM properly in the business.

Salesperson Using White Cup Revenue Intelligence Software webinar

Well, CRM has changed tremendously in the last few years. In the case of White Cup, CRM is just one Revenue Intelligence software in a larger platform alongside a business intelligence tool and a pricing tool. A CRM, like White Cup CRM, comprises White Cup’s Revenue Intelligence platform, the competitive advantage distributors need to maximize revenue performance across their entire organization.

The software solutions are integrated and work together to ensure that your data, workflows, and analytics are laser-focused on driving revenue and improving profit.

So, how do you use all three of these tools daily? In his presentation at White Cup’s RevUp 2022 User Conference, Steve Hesson walks through a day in the life of a salesperson using Revenue Intelligence. His focus is on showing how using these tools can help you win more deals and increase your bottom-line profit and revenue.

Highlights of Presentation

White Cup BI:

As a sales rep, you’ll land on the Sales Rep CRM Scorecard. You’ll see a dashboard of information that gives an overview of all your accounts and gives insight into actions you should take for the day. You might draw your attention to “Accounts Requiring Touch” and choose to either address your “Top 10 Concerning Accounts with No Tasks or Opportunities” or your “Top 10 Growth Accounts with No Open or Recent Activities. Without exploring anything else that White Cup BI offers, you’ll already have two possible call lists ready for the day.

White Cup Pricing:

After your calls, perhaps you want to examine your top customer opportunities—specifically, what “profit plays” you have available to find more revenue. With White Cup Pricing, you will have available to you analysis by our pricing matrices which give visibility into opportunities to grow profit margin and increase revenue.

White Cup CRM:

Finally, using White Cup CRM, you can create dynamic lists using logic and utilize email automation to reach your customers more quickly and easily. Maybe you’re traveling to Ohio next week and want to ensure that you meet with all customers in Ohio with open deals. With the built-in email automation tools, White Cup CRM allows you to reach out to those specific customers all at once.

Our suite of Revenue Intelligence software is specifically designed for the needs of distributors. Together, they are your complete revenue-driving engine.

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