Hartfiel Automation Forges Sales Operations with CRM and BI

Hartfiel Automation uses White Cup BI (Business Intelligence) and White Cup’s CRM to create a sales operations “Insights Factory”.

hartfiel automation sales operations using crm and bi software

About the Company

Hartfiel Automation is fueled by the company’s mission, “to build a stronger America by strengthening American manufacturing through innovative automation solutions.” For more than 60 years, Hartfiel has been a specialized high-tech provider of pneumatics, motion, and mobile control solutions. Hartfiel Automation has continued to diversify its service by adding product offerings in hydraulics, aluminum extrusions, robotics, and automation solutions to serve its customers better and reach new areas of innovation.

Over the years, the company has grown both organically and via acquisition. Today, Hartfiel has nine offices covering 19 states throughout the country.

Bringing Order and Structure to Sales Operations

Hartfiel uses White Cup’s CRM, an integrated CRM that works seamlessly with existing ERP platforms. White Cup’s CRM empowers sales teams to identify opportunities within existing customer accounts, spot potential problems early on, and support an improved customer experience. The 360-degree view of customer buying trends and history allows for more comprehensive sales operations process with meaningful, customized sales conversations, providing exceptional customer service.

Vanessa Bray is the Sales Administrator at Hartfiel. Before working with White Cup’s CRM, Vanessa had never seen a CRM application before. The experience of learning the system from the ground up has dramatically benefited her in training Hartfiel’s team of sales professionals and accounting staff.

Approximately 140 individuals across the company use the system to log contacts, account activities, and produce reporting delivering powerful insights to help connect sales opportunities with rich revenue intelligence to meet Hartfiel’s sales goals.

The system brings order and structure to information for Hartfiel’s more than 50,000 sales contacts and some 8,000 active opportunities, providing insight on where opportunities are in the funnel as they mature into qualified leads, enter the prototype stage, and from there – become either wins or “temporary losses,” which are flagged for future “win back” follow up efforts.

Bray says the team values the system’s straightforward ease-of-use and time-saving features such as talk-to-text to import contact notes and streamline administrative tasks. “White Cup’s CRM really helps our sales team to manage their time better and organize their week,” said Bray. “It’s really easy to fly around White Cup’s CRM on the web and our sales team also uses the mobile app to look up contacts and other specifics when out in the field.”

Industrial-Grade Reporting Provides an “Insights Factory”

While Hartfiel’s customers are driving American manufacturing, White Cup solutions are driving a sales operations “insights factory” at Hartfiel, where powerful reporting and dashboards have improved visibility, focus, and accountability.

Hartfiel Automation’s CRM application is integrated with the White Cup BI (business intelligence) tool from White Cup. The solution enables companies to gain easier access to revenue intelligence information that drives growth and business differentiation and increases profitability and employee engagement.

Together, the combination of CRM and BI gives Hartfiel a wide range of reporting. Real-time snapshots of open opportunities and salesperson scorecards ensure timely execution and coaching. Outside sales managers review branch sales reports on a once-a-week or daily basis. Additional reports identify key opportunities and threats for more effective time management and prioritization. These include Top 10 Accounts by Revenue, Top 10 Accounts by Declining Revenue, and Top Accounts That Haven’t Been Visited Year-to-Date.

White Cup BI is used to pull together custom reports with powerful mashups of data from Hartfiel’s data warehouse, Infor Distribution SX, and White Cup’s CRM.

Bray says she frequents the White Cup support site, which she feels is a valuable resource for gaining tips and insights to further her proficiency. “There’s good communication with the White Cup team,” she said, “and I feel like they are always trying to move forward and make things easier for the end user.”

White Cup makes it easier for businesses to use their data to make better decisions toward profitable growth. Our Revenue Intelligence platform gives customers easy access to information and tools that drive revenue growth, increase profitability and differentiate their business. With decades of industry experience, White Cup is trusted by over 1,000 customers.

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