Introducing White Cup CRM

Driving revenue with a CRM for Distributors

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White Cup CRM is the new revenue-driving technology for distributors. With built-in marketing automation, quoting and digital signature capabilities, White Cup CRM is comprehensive and indispensable. This CRM makes it easy to drive revenue across the entire buyer’s journey for prospects and customers, from first touch to closed deal. And with functionality tailor-made for distributors, White Cup CRM makes driving revenue easier.

Join Helen Piña, Kristen Thom, and Brian Friedle in this webinar as they share White Cup CRM and prove why it is a must-have technology for distributors in 2022.

Webinar: Introducing White Cup CRM
Presenters: Helen Piña, Kristen Thom, and Brian Friedle
Theme:  Driving revenue with a CRM for Distributors

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Helen Pina Profile Image - 5 Biggest Business Challenges You Can Conquer in 2023 with a CRM
Helen Piña VP of Marketing, White Cup
Kristen Thom Profile Image
Kristen Thom VP of Customer Success, White Cup
Brian Friedle of White Cup Profile Image
Brian Friedle VP of Business Development, White Cup

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