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Driving Revenue with Business Intelligence

Business intelligence revenue generation plays a key role in market growth in a competitive landscape using key insights that drive action.

At White Cup’s RevUp User Conference, Senior Customer Account Manager Dustin Hall shared the advantages of driving revenue with business intelligence and what it could bring to your dealership. He broke down those benefits by sales reps, sales management, and the dealership as a whole to show that BI brings immeasurable value from helping the smallest daily interactions to the largest dealership forecasts.

To see how you can drive revenue with Business Intelligence, look no further than one of the largest organizations that have launched our BI product to date. Our good friends at Ray Morgan, a UBEO company, equipped their sales team with White Cup BI.


The biggest question we’re always asked is, “how can business intelligence impact my dealership?”

We like to look at this from the different levels of the dealership, sales reps, sales managers, and the dealership as a whole.

You’re likely already capturing data in one way or another—probably a lot of it. All those data insights are great, but most dealerships have that data in separated “data silos,” split up between your ERP, your CRM, your marketing tool, or any number of different places.

How you unleash the power of that data is by bringing all that data together in one solution and then start to identify which pieces are most important to your business. Our BI tool brings all the data together. It trades the need for exporting reports from different places for useful reports that will actually identify the insights you’re looking for.

Benefits for Sales Reps

At the end of the day, the success of your sales reps will mean greater revenue for your organization. If you can arm your reps with the best tools for the job, that will impact your bottom line.

One of the important things a BI tool like White Cup BI can do is show, at a glance, where a sales rep’s effort is most needed. This will give reps a view of where they’re going to make the most significant impact.

With our Sales Rep Dispatch Scorecard, you can take any sales rep off the street and show them all alerts for their accounts, leases that have not been renewed, and earliest expiring contracts. All the things that a sales rep needs to address on a day-to-day basis can be adjusted and refined on the scorecard, so their days are focused on driving more sales and developing relationships with customers.

A BI tool should be used proactively. For example, if you notice a customer has had $600k of business with you over the last two years, but nobody has talked to them in over six months, that’s a problem. Organizing your dashboards to see activities with your customers is critical for keeping customers happy and identifying potential issues before they become real problems. It boils down to this: BI tells you when to call the customer before the customer calls you.

Benefits for Sales Management

One of the biggest ways BI helps sales management is by staying on top of lease space. You know your lease space is your gold, and you need to treat it as such.

With White Cup BI, the Leasing Overview Dashboard provides a proactive approach to lease renewals and reducing churn. Like the sales rep’s visibility into customer activities, this dashboard prints leases from slipping through the cracks and gives a clear look at a timeline of lease expirations by account and lease vendor.

Benefits for the Dealership

Finally, a BI tool becomes even more indispensable when you consider the benefits it brings to a dealership as a whole. Overall quicker acting and recognizing that growing your business is more than just looking at the previous month’s report is where business intelligence solutions with strong reporting features excel.

Influencing the outcome of a particular month while we’re still in that month is just how fast you need to be these days to stay competitive. That’s where the Overview Dashboard comes into play. It puts data from all systems into one cohesive visual. From this high-level view, you’re able to discern actionable data to make effective and proactive business decisions.

The Overview Dashboard is going to give you the ability to understand where your dealership is heading, if you’re trending in the right direction, and the areas where you need to focus your energy. This is going to save you a lot of time and bring you ease of mind knowing you’re not letting anything fall through the cracks.

Unleash the Power and Revenue Hidden in your Data

You have piles and piles of data. They’re all over the place, containing all sorts of valuable information you can utilize to make your dealership more profitable and with stronger relationships with your customers. That’s exactly what business intelligence does in driving revenue: it reduces the noise and shows a clear path to achieve more sales goals for your organization. Contact us to see how you can win more with White Cup BI.



Join Senior Customer Account Manager Dustin Hall for this session on how business intelligence can drive revenue for your Office Technology dealership. He’ll explain how White Cup BI benefits individual sales reps, sales managers, and the company’s overall bottom line with specific dashboards and action plans. This session is excellent for anyone involved in the sales process.

Driving Revenue with Business Intelligence Webinar

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