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What You’re Missing Using Epicor Prophet 21 Without a Distributor CRM

Like all distributors, your Prophet 21 ERP performs key automation and processes that keep your business running smoothly day in and day out. Without a doubt, centralized data via an ERP saves you more than just time. It saves you resources, money, and the headache of doing everything manually. With Prophet 21, you have the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your distributorship to continue to grow.

As you look at the areas of your business that could use more direct attention, you’re going to see a plethora of other technologies that have the potential to make a real difference. Maybe you need actions-focused dashboards that a Business Intelligence (BI) platform offers. Or, you’re looking to beat the competition with faster, adaptive pricing optimization software. However, if you’re seeking to grow sales and increase customer satisfaction, you need to look at Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

Signs It May Be Time to Look at CRM

Distributors operating without a CRM are probably doing so by sheer willpower. The truth is that sales teams that can keep up in today’s competitive landscape without a CRM are either super-big, superhuman, or super-burnt-out. That’s simply what it takes to compete in a digital-first world. Though, you can take steps to ease up the load on your teams.

A few obvious signs you can look for when deciding if it’s time for a distributor CRM include: no obvious centralized location for customer data, limited visibility into the sales process, and lack of scalability. If any of that sounds like your business, it’s clear that it’s time you start exploring your options.

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3 Signs It's Time for a Distributor CRM

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Winning with White Cup CRM

When looking for a CRM tailor-made for distributors, look no further than White Cup CRM for distributors. It offers a comprehensive set of distribution-focused features to drive sales, automate marketing activities, and keep deals moving to close. For Epicor Prophet 21 users, White Cup CRM allows you to extract more value from the ERP and solve some of distribution’s biggest challenges.

Problems Solved

  1. If your business has struggled with scattered or disjointed customer data, White Cup CRM puts all of that information on one platform with reports and analysis too.
  2. If you’ve found yourself without an effective tool for marketing, White Cup CRM helps you get the right message to the right audiences every time.
  3. If you’re not winning new accounts to make up for customers that have churned, White Cup CRM provides a systematic method to feed potential customers into the pipeline continuously.
  4. Suppose you lack a historical record of all sales activity for accounts. In that case, White Cup CRM holds all that data, so you never enter a conversation or meeting without being caught up on your customer’s unique needs.

Integration with CRM (and beyond)

CRM is the perfect foil to Prophet 21, leveraging the data the ERP doesn’t while driving the sales activity that makes the world go round. Together, Prophet 21 and CRM provide deep visibility into your business and ensure that you can sell more while reducing customer churn.

CRM is, however, only the first step. Another tool that can supercharge your business is the combined power of CRM and BI for Prophet 21. White Cup’s BI and CRM for Prophet 21 provides point-and-click business intelligence and analytics tools that easily extract real answers—and actionable insights—from mountains of Prophet 21 data. This isn’t a ‘vanilla’ reporting or general CRM tool. These tools are specifically designed for distributors to make your team more productive.

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