Trillion Reasons Why 2022 Looks Good for the Distribution Industry

A Trillion Reasons Why 2022 Looks Good for the Distribution Industry

What the Senate’s New Bill Means for Technology and Revenue for Wholesale Distributors

The recently passed $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that went into effect on November 15 contains many funding projects that impact businesses and consumers alike. From a distribution industry standpoint, it is an indicator of two major shifts to come in 2022: the roads and rails distributors depend on to drive business will receive a much-needed facelift, and an emphasis on the need for our industry to continue an aggressive push with digital transformation.

Distributors are Poised to Win

In a recent Industrial Distribution article, Eric Hoplin, CEO with the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW), said, “…this legislation will help the wholesale distribution industry more efficiently move goods and materials across the country.” The obvious winners will be distributors in the construction materials channel, but it also includes subchannels of electrical, plumbing, and wireless distributors, to name a few.

Technology is the Key to Success

While this historic infusion of government-sponsored projects can provide a much-needed boost in distributor growth, it also means distributors cannot compete and win by running business as usual. It is a critical time for the distribution industry to embrace technology, not only to operate efficiently but also to hire and retain top-notch talent. The next generation of distribution leaders has been raised with technology. That means there is a demand for data-driven processes related to sales, pricing, and logistics.

Continual Improvement is the Key to Long Term Revenue Growth

The new infrastructure bill will be deployed over the next 5 years. While the Senate has set the budget and contracts are inked in 2022, it is now critical for distributors to evaluate opportunities to improve margin. White Cup’s Revenue Intelligence platform is designed simply for that reason, to help the distribution industry grow revenue through continual improvement of multiple revenue touchpoints. Our business software tools help uncover new growth opportunities with pricing strategies, sales cycle improvements, and customer buying trends. To learn more about Revenue Intelligence and how it can help your company capitalize on opportunities in 2022, click here.

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